TehCraft Minecraft Server

Server Ranks

- Underwater breathing only works if the user is wearing a golden helmet.
- Super Builder's keep the ability's from Veteran.
- Don't ask to be staff. We don't take kindly to beggars.
- Yes the Admin's hate you. 
When you first start of on the server. You will be a Player. Players have very few abilities. They can not build, or break blocks. They can not warp, set home, or use any of the other plug-ins. Players must apply for building right. That can be done by going to the forums, and posting all applications.
The second rank is a Builder. Builders can use the ride range of commands, including warps, home, mail, and teleporting.
The Third ranks are VIP's, and Super Builders. The admins will promote builders who are trusted, and have been on the server for some time, to either vip's or super builders, which ever the user chooses. Vip's can use magic carpet. And super builders can use the super pickaxe.
The forth rank is a Moderator. Admins will choose players to be Moderators. Mods can ban, kick, and mute players. If you ask to be a mod, you will be declined. We do not like beggars. The moderators job is to set warps, make regions, and investigate griefing incidents.
The Fifth and final rank is an Admin. Admins have access to every command, and can do everything. The admins responsibilities are to promote builders, and to help mods investigate griefing incidents.


Along with server ranks, we have user specific prefixes. Prefixes are like a award for doing some specific on the server. These prefixes will go in front of your name in server chat. Here is a list of all the ones we offer. Both Admins and Mods can award you a prefix.

[***][***]: Slayer- Achieved when a player kills a Staff Member in an event.

Perks: ONE free set of Chainmail Armour. If you lose it, oh well.

[EXP]: Explorer- You will get the Explorer prefix when you find the hidden Catacomb.

Perks: Access to the World Edit compass, the /tppos commands, and ability to set seven different homes.

  [Xray]: Xrayer- Awarded to a player when they are caught xraying. You'll be able to see your new prefix after the 7 day temp-ban.

Perks: There aren't any. 

  [Alpha]: Dog Enthusiast- Own 35+ dogs all with names, and various collar colors.

Perks: Mob disguise as a Wolf.

[Elder]: Old Timer- Played on TehCraft for 1 year plus.

Perks: 100 gold ingots and the ability to set 10 homes.

[/region]: Regioner- Have at least 20 regions with contents.

Perks: Craftbook hidden switches and cooking pots.

[Ender]: Money Bags- Buy a dragon egg from the admin shop.

Perks: TBD

[Quarry]: Block Head- Quarry out a 50x50 area down to bedrock. The quarry MUST start on ground level and go straight down.

Perks: Access to Super Pickaxe.