TehCraft Minecraft Server


Step 1: 

- Locate your chest. 

Step 2:

- Type /lock

Step 3:

- Punch the chest.

For additional help with LWC; you can type /lwc in game and view a whole list of commands. 


To check your balance (in gold ingots) type:


To pay another user gold ingots; use:

/money pay (player) amount

Here is an example:

/money pay PsPmax55 100.0 - That will take from your current holdings and give 100 gold ingots to PsPmax55.

To withdraw the numerical value in /money into physical gold ingots; go to the spawn bank. Once there go to any sign bank and left click until the green > is on Withdraw. When withdraw is highlighted; begin to right click the sign.

To deposit your already physical gold ingots into the numerical value under /money; go to the spawn bank. Once there go to any sign bank and left click until the green > is on Deposit. When deposit is highlighted; begin to right click the sign.



On the sign put:

Line 1: Gate Name. (11 Characters Max)

Line 2: Destination Gate Name. (Don't put this if your making a gate network.)

Line 3: Network Name.

Line 4: Just put a "F" for a "Fixed Gate." More options coming soon! 

Sign Colors


&6Land Mines

so be &ecareful

(or &fdie&0)

Full list of hex digit characters can be found here.

Chest Shops

To make a chest shop is pretty easy, all you have to do is follow this:

Put a sign above or below a chest. And type this on the sign

(player name) So your name- LINE 1

The number of items the buyer receives when making a purchase.- LINE 2

B (buy amount):(sell amount) S- LINE 3

Item ID- LINE 4

Here is an example picture.

So in the picture above. You can buy one piece of TNT from gundamroxas for 100 gold ingots, and you can sell gundamroxas one piece of TNT for 20 gold ingots. 

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